Maryann Roefaro, M.S., FACMPE - CEO

Maryann Roefaro, CEO

Before I was five I was hospitalized twice and I can still recall how familiar the health care setting felt to me.  In my follow-up care, I had to visit the lab and I was  fascinated by having my blood drawn, the different colored test tubes and the professionals with the white coats.  By the time I was 7 years old, I knew I wanted to be a scientist in the lab!  By sixth grade, I had three chemistry sets, and two microscopes and I used to test soil acidity and do experiments galore.  I always loved math and science.  When it came time to decide on a career, I knew I was meant to be a Medical Technologist and Microbiology and Immunology were the first passions of my career.  I spent a great deal of time contemplating the pursuit of a PhD in Microbiology – but one day, I just realized, “This isn’t for me!”  

I loved people too much and I was loud and silly.   I thought I could be a good leader and I felt I had a calling for leadership and healthcare.  My first genuine break into the world of senior leadership came over 20 years ago from Dr. A. John Merola at North Medical Center.  I can still hear him call me a “diamond in the rough” and I will always be grateful for the plethora of opportunities he gave me to grow in business and lead physicians and staff.  I always focused on creating harmonious work environments using a service oriented leadership style.  To me, creating harmony means giving people a voice, being honest and fair, and giving off a positive vibe.  It’s also very important for people to have the right tools to be successful.  I have always surrounded myself with leaders who love what they do, and have a passion for excellence and doing the right thing.  That passion is contagious and the work force becomes vibrant.  I encourage the development of success for myself and others “from the inside out”.  When we work on self-mastery, we work on living an authentic life based on our inner truths and love.  What we believe in the inside is reflected on the outside and transcends to the work environment and life in general.

I joined  HOA in 2002. Previously, I was the Senior VP of Primary Care Services at Crouse and Community General Hospitals.  I had the utmost respect for the physicians at HOA – they are very progressive, they have incredible foresight and they are all loving and generous people.  I liked the fact that they are committed to invest in the latest technology and their people, and of course, provide excellent patient care. HOA offers the most comprehensive cancer care under one roof, under the same leadership, with the people swimming in the same direction.  The resiliency of the patients is amazing and the love and compassion of our staff is incredible.  Our patients have such a zest for life; it makes you appreciate every second of your own.  Our innovative, complementary/integrative therapies treat the whole person, which is so important for our patients’ well being.  Here at HOA, I love to watch the employees develop that bond of love and trust with our patients.  I believe that HOA is truly humanity at its finest. Any organization is created by the sum of its parts.  We have created a culture of personal and professional accountability at HOA.  I am so passionate about the self-mastery journey that I published a book entitled, “Building The Team From the Inside-Out – A Multi-dimensional View of Leadership” in 2011.  I believe every relationship we have depends on the one we have with ourselves.  An organization is comprised of the sum of its parts – we have a magnitude of great parts here at HOA and I’m priviledged to be the CEO.


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