TrueBeam radiotherapy provides you with greater accuracy and shorter treatment times close to home.
What is TrueBeam?

TrueBeam  is the most advanced linear accelerator and radiosurgery treatment system available.

Using pinpoint accuracy to deliver higher doses of radiation in less time, TrueBeam allows for treatment of many different types of tumors. It is particularly effective for tumors in sensitive areas such as the abdomen, liver, lung, breast, and head and neck.

How it Works

TrueBeam® MachineTrueBeam technology is a type of external beam radiation therapy, meaning it uses high amounts of radiation to destroy cancer cells and shrink tumors. Without any incisions at all, TrueBeam uses cutting-edge imaging technology to target only your tumor and minimize potential damage to healthy cells. The machine quickly and quietly rotates around you to deliver a prescribed radiation dose from different angles.

At the same time, TrueBeam also offers respiratory gating technology. This gives physicians the ability to synchronize radiation beams to accommodate a tumor moving during your natural breathing patterns. For example, the diaphragm will shift the liver minutely with a breath, and lungs move as they work. TrueBeam adapts to these tiny changes in position.

HOA also uses TrueBeam for DIBH (Deep Inspiration Breath Hold) in select breast cancer cases. This means a patient is asked to take a deep breath in and hold it during delivery of a radiation beam. With TrueBeam, this now typically takes 20 seconds and is verified based on its respiratory gating software.

Additional Benefits of TrueBeam

While speed and precision are TrueBeam’s featured characteristics, the following advantages also are worth noting.

  • TrueBeam’s automated technology can result in up to a five-fold reduction in the steps needed for your imaging, positioning and treatments.
  • The system performs accuracy checks every 10 milliseconds throughout an entire treatment.
  • More than 100,000 data points are monitored continually during treatment to ensure safety.
  • It has communication technology supporting interaction between you and the staff during operation.
  • TrueBeam also has two closed-circuit television systems so your treating clinicians can always see and hear you.