Instructor: Ginny Grieb

A gentle yoga class to help release tension and reduce stress. Learn how yoga can help increase flexibility, balance and strength over time, improve your breathing and overall wellness. Yoga improves not only physical function but mental as well. Perfect for beginners. Adaptations and modifications...

Instructor: Tina Ramsden

Hatha Yoga with Bio-mechanics - This modern approach to yoga brings a keen eye to the "laws" of movement, honoring the natural range of motion and integrity of movement. 

Instructor: Yvonne Martin

Discover how yoga can further your recovery. More than a gentle or restorative yoga class, it is tailored to meet survivors' needs at all stages of treatment and recovery. Each class series combines healthful guided breathing exercises, slow arm stretches, gentle yoga sequences, and selected...

Instructor: Tina Ramsden

This gentle modified yin yoga is used to prevent the aging of connective tissue in our body, adding to better movements in everyday life and has been reported to improve mood, immunity, sleep, reduce stress, relieve stiffness, aches and pain.