Health Equity


How will I get to my treatment?

What financial help is available?

What can I do to regain my strength?

How can I eat healthy on a budget?


HOA’s Health Equity Coordinator can assist with questions like these and more...


Health Equity

Health equity provides support to create equal access and opportunities for all patients at HOA. Our Health Equity Coordinator can help talk about hurdles to taking care of yourself, or a loved one, during the Hematology or Oncology journey.


Creating Equal Access & Opportunities

Social Needs Navigation to understand and help address your individual needs. Examples include:

  • On a fixed income and trying to balance whether money is spent on food, electricity, gas and/or medical bills?
  • Need help understanding medical information?
  • Lack companionship?
  • Explore resources in the community that can assist with affordable nutrition
  • Identify transportation options & support beyond community and family resources
  • Discuss wellness resources such as YMCA and the Wellness Center
  • Bridge to financial resources in the community
  • Connect with meaningful community groups for support
  • Community support for the Caregiver
  • Review ways to manage your physical and mental health


Advanced Care Planning

  • Explore Advance Directives to express your values and desires related to care and treatment
  • Review and complete Advanced Care Planning documents to make your wishes known & respected


Interested in learning more? 

Please contact HOA’s Health Equity Coordinator, Marianne, at 315-472-7504 ext. 1349