HOA Nursing

Fearless Commitment, Endless Compassion

HOACNY nurses exemplify our mission with a focus on these principles:

  • Care is centered on the patient and extends to their loved ones, with cultural competence.
  • All care delivered is holistic and evidence based.
  • Nursing supports an interdisciplinary care method, utilizing all resources within the organization to deliver the highest quality of care.

All HOACNY nurses are nationally certified in oncology within two years of their hire date.

Oncology Certified Nursing

Becoming an Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN) requires:

  • at least two years’ experience as an RN with a minimum of 2,000 clinical hours in oncology, and
  • completeing a minimum of 10 contact hours of nursing continuing education in oncology or an academic elective in oncology nursing within the three years prior to application.

Maintaining OCN credentials requires continuous professional development and certification renewal every four years.

  • Oncology nursing is a dynamic specialty. The knowledge and skills needed to provide cancer care can change.
  • Maintaining certification indicates your knowledge is up-to-date and reflects current practice. This is important as the OCN

Certification for Infusing Chemotherapy and Non-Oncology Medications

Our medical oncology nurses also are certified by the Oncology Nursing Society to administer chemotherapy and other non-oncological agents.

  • This specialized training reinforces the vital and safe administration of high-risk medications such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy and other non-oncological medications used in our Infusion Services program.
  • HOACNY is the only Cancer Care and Infusion-Services provider in Central New York that requires nurses to receive and maintain national certification in oncology nursing and chemo-immunotherapy.