In the ever-evolving world of cancer treatment, HOA is proud to announce cutting-edge bispecific therapy in the community outpatient setting! These bispecific antibodies, made in a laboratory, work by attaching to two different antigens, either on separate cells—connecting a cancer cell to an immune system cell—or on an individual cancer cell, disrupting the cancer’s signaling pathways.

Our team, headed by our physician champions, Dr. Steven Duffy and Dr. Ajeet Gajra, has worked hard to bring this life-saving therapy to HOA and our patients.

Steven Duffy. M.D. Ajeet Gajra, M.D.

Therapeutic Management Tools:

Bispecifics – HOA Inpatient Management Policy
Bispecifics – ICANS Grading and Management
Bispecifics – Inpatient Assessment Tool
Bispecifics – Inpatient Order Set
Bispecifics – CRS Grading and Management