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NOTE: We now have a patient-referral form and drug-order form under each of the medications listed below*.


Patient Referral Form

Generic Drug Order Form

Belimumab (Benlysta)

Initial Dose: 10mg/kg IV every 2 weeks for 3 doses

Maintenance Dose: 10mg/kg every 4 weeks

Standard Pre-medications to be given: Tylenol and Benadryl


 Patient Referral Form

 Generic Drug Order Form

Desmopressin (DDAVP/Stimate)

Dose IV:  0.3 mcg/kg; may repeat if needed

Dose Intranasal (use 1.5mg/ml concentration): 50 kg: 300 mcg (1 spray each nostril)

Repeat use is determined by the patient's clinical condition and laboratory work

If using preoperatively, administer 2 hours before surgery

Monitoring Parameters: Factor VIII anticoagulant activity

Standard Pre-medications to be given: None needed.


 Patient Referral Form

 Generic Drug Order Form

Romosozumab (Evenity)

Dose SQ: 210 mg SQ monthly. Limit duration of treatment to 12 doses.

Monitoring Parameters:

Signs/symptoms of hypersensitivity and adverse cardiovascular events

Serum calcium. Bone mineral density at baseline and at 6 or 12 months.

Monitor for symptoms of ONJ- pain, numbness, swelling or drainage from the jaw/mouth/teeth. Avoid invasive dental procedures during treatment.

Standard Pre-medications to be given: None needed

***Dental clearance or dental waiver will be obtained before administration of this medication


 Patient Referral Form

 Generic Drug Order Form

Patisiran (Onpattro)

Dose IV <100 kg: 0.3mg/kg once every 3 weeks IV

Dose IV > or equal 100 kg: 30mg once every 3 weeks IV

Monitoring Parameters:

Infusion-related reactions; ocular symptoms indicative of vitamin A deficiency.

Supplement with the recommended daily allowance of vitamin A.

Refer to an ophthalmologist if ocular symptoms suggestive of vitamin A deficiency occur.

Standard Pre-medications to be given: Tylenol, Benadryl, Decadron, Pepcid


 Patient Referral Form

 Generic Drug Order Form

Epoetin-alfa (Procrit)

* Initiate SQ administration when Hemoglobin is <10g/dL

Dose SQ Chronic Renal Failure: 50-100 units/kg 3 times a week or 20000 units once weekly

Dose SQ Chemotherapy induced anemia: 150 units/kg 3 times a week or 40000 units once weekly

Dose SQ MDS: 40000 units once weekly

Monitoring Parameters: Hemoglobin; serum chemistry (CKD patients); blood pressure (notify provider if SBP>160); Evaluate iron status in all patients before and during treatment. Give supplemental iron if serum ferritin is <100mg/mL or serum transferrin saturation (TSAT) is <20%


 Patient Referral Form

 Generic Drug Order Form


Dose IV: 60mg/kg once weekly

  • 1st cycle administration at infusion center, remaining infusion can be administered at home with Homecare infusion services if appropriate
  • Use with caution in patients at risk of fluid overload
  • ICD Code: E88.01

*List is not comprehensive; please contact us if the infused medication is not on this list.

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