Cancer treatment affects people in a variety of ways including; mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially. Completing treatment creates a period of uncertainty and anxiety about “what next”. The goal of our survivorship program is to help answer the “what next” question, help with the transition back to pre-cancer roles, provide a treatment summary and follow up care plan, and assist in maximizing wellness and overall health.

We would like to ensure that our patients have the support that they need as they make the transition back to work and family roles. Patients will meet with an experienced oncology nurse practitioner at the conclusion of curative chemotherapy. Patients who are starting hormonal therapy will meet with the survivorship nurse practitioner. Patients who receive curative radiation will meet with an experienced radiation oncology nurse practitioner. 

The focus of the survivorship appointment is to discuss the treatment and side effects which may have occurred as well as potential latent side effects from the cancer treatments.  We will explain the recommended follow up for routine health care as well as follow up for your cancer which includes planned testing, exams, and routine cancer screening. We will also facilitate referrals for services within and outside of our practice which may be beneficial such as social work, cancer rehabilitation, physical fitness programs, and nutritional services for maximum wellness and health.


Pam Yager - HOAPam Yager, MS, NP, OCN

I am happy to be a member of our survivorship team at Hematology Oncology Associates of CNY.  I have over 25 years experience working with medical oncology and hematology patients as a nurse practitioner. I work directly with your medical oncologist and will assist you in managing your life after your cancer treatment or as you continue on oral therapy. 

The focus of our survivorship program is to keep the body healthy, nourish your mental and spiritual health and prepare for and manage possible late side effects as a result of cancer therapy. You will be provided a plan of care that outlines the treatment you received along with future care and follow up recommendations. I am available to you upon request for smoking cessation, genetic counseling, and survivorship clinic.