Looking For A Registered Nurse

These opportunities are full time, Monday - Friday (no evenings, weekends or holidays). The positions are EXEMPT in accordance with the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act, and therefore, are ineligible for overtime.

Although we strive to provide employees with a constant employment location, these positions may require travel between our sites to cross cover. Details about hours and work site location will be provided in the interview process.

Looking For A Nurse Practicianer

Adult Nurse Practitioner. This opportunity is full time, Monday - Friday (no weekends or holidays) and is exempt from overtime eligibility in accordance with the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. This position may be required to take call (by phone only) on weeknights and/or weekends.Please note that smoking is prohibited on HOACNY property. This policy extends to our parking areas, sidewalks and lawns at all locations.


Proper nutrition is an important part of fighting cancer

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All of our support groups are free and open to the public

Cancer Connects

Facilitating the cancer journey for patients in Central New York

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Learn simple techniques to promote physical and emotional healing & self-discovery.

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Home to the most advanced model of linear accelerator available to date

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HOA is dedicated to finding new and more effective treatments for cancer through clinical research.