Onondaga Hill - Syracuse, NY

Upstate Community Hospital
4900 Broad Road
Syracuse, NY 13215

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Our 13,000sf comprehensive cancer center (on the Community General Hospital campus) offers a complete array of hematology and medical oncology and radiation services including radiation therapy, pharmacy, lab, clinical research, CT Scanning, infusion, nutritional counseling, and psychosocial support.  This site also houses the Varian Clinac iX advanced linear accelerator, which is used for Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT). It is advanced technology for the treatment of tumors because it employs robotics to administer radiation with precision and accuracy, while rendering minimum damage to any surrounding healthy tissues. 

The practice’s Ambulatory Infusion center, staffed by highly skilled nurses and pharmacist, provides chemotherapy to patients in a comfortable environment.  Patient and family counseling and support group services, dietary assessments and nutritional counseling, and community education programs are also on site.