The Patient Rx Center

The HOA Patient RX Center WindowThe Patient Rx Center is a new and exciting service for patients of Hematology/Oncology Associates. Located in the lobby, adjacent to the reception area, at the Brittonfield Parkway (East Syracuse) location, The Patient Rx Center is a resource for patients to conveniently pick up their prescriptions and select over the counter (OTC) products. Feedback from patients has been extremely positive. Patient’s have commented on how friendly and knowledgeable the pharmacists and staff are, as well as how helpful this service is to their families. The staff investigates every opportunity to not only save the patient time but also money.

The Patient Rx Center team continually looks for savings through foundations, pharmaceutical company programs, and the patient’s insurance. Patients welcome the convenience of picking up their prescriptions before leaving and are able to purchase “Over The Counter” medications that they may need to help them with their treatment. If a patient prefers, we can mail their prescriptions to their home.

The Benefit of Understanding

The pharmacist lead team coordinates efforts with other HOA staff to provide detailed medication specific counseling and tools that enable patients to better understand their treatment. This additional education empowers patients to navigate their course of therapy and any potential side effects and precautions that are inherent with complex oncology regimens.

The HOA Patient RX Center StaffNext time you are at the Brittonfield location please stop by The Patient Rx Center and say “Hi” to Hannah (left), Mike (center) and Deb (right). If you have a question regarding the medication you picked up, or request a prescription refill, you may call The Patient Rx Center
Team by dialing the main number 315.472.7504 then select option 6.

Convenient Hours

The Patient Rx Center is open Monday thru Friday 8AM - 5PM and follows the same holiday schedule as HOA.