Jeffrey M. Friedman, M.D., PhD

HOA Doctor Jeffrey M. Friedman
Board-certified in Radiation Oncology
Specialty Training: 
Radiation Oncology
Medical School: 
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

My journey to be a physician started with my incredibly supportive family, who convinced me I could do anything I wanted in life and the passing of both of my grandmothers from cancer when I was in elementary school.  At the time I thought “Hmmmm, if I could do anything, I’d like to cure cancer.”  For the most part, that has been the focus of my academic and professional life ever since, although there was that year in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil studying dengue fever and learning Portuguese as a Fulbright Scholar.

As part of the combined M.D. /Ph.D. program at USC in Los Angeles, I studied these cool tiny little RNA molecules called microRNAs that were a newly discovered and a fundamental piece of how gene expression is regulated inside a cell.  It turns out they’re an important driver of bladder cancer formation.  Although I loved research, in the latter part of medical school and throughout my residency in Nashville at Vanderbilt University, I had much more fun seeing patients than I ever could writing grants or doing research full time.  It was then that I turned my focus towards clinical care and found my inability to monitor patients frustrating.  Some treatments in radiation oncology are REALLY tough and I would have liked updates a few times a day to make sure everything was going ok for my patients.  There was no app for that so a friend of mine made one and I ran a clinical trial with it for 24 head and neck cancer patients.  It’s still on my phone, so you can ask me about PrimeMD if you’re ever interested. 

Outside of the practice you can find me at Wegman’s, climbing, playing ping pong, running on the treadmill to the Walking Dead or playing trivia downtown. Otherwise I’m probably trying a new restaurant or traveling for fun or to stay in touch with family and friends.  As your Rad Onc I’m here to get you through this piece of your life in the safest and most effective way that truly respects your goals of care.  Radiation isn’t scary, it’s actually an amazing tool to control cancer and our technology has come soooooo far that we can be incredibly precise (<1mm) in certain situations. I’m happy to be a physician at HOACNY and I feel privileged to take care of our patients.