CyberKnife / Advanced Technology

cyberknifeThe world's most accurate radiosurgery weapon has arrived. With the sub-millimeter precision of state-of-the-art intelligent robotics, the CyberKnife® blasts tumors with high doses of x-rays with minimal effects on nearby healthy cells. The CyberKnife® tackles tumors throughout the body -including those in delicate areas such as the spine, brain, lung and prostate - even those deemed inoperable. Because it's so effective, patients might need 2 or 3 treatments instead of the standard 20 or 30. The CyberKnife® is totally non-invasive, so treatments are painless. The CyberKnife® offers:

  • Unprecedented targeting accuracy
  • Unrivaled conformality and dose gradient
  • Unparalleled health tissue preservation
  • Treatments anywhere in the body

About The Cyberknife®radiation therapy 
The CyberKnife®, made by Accuray, is the only FDA-approved, completely robotic, stereotactic radiosurgery system available in the world that targets and destroys small and previously inaccessible tumors or lesions anywhere in the body. As a non-invasive operation, CyberKnife® has proven to be an effective alternative to surgery or conventional radiation for treating vascular abnormalities, tumors, functional disorders and cancers with sub-millimeter accuracy.The CyberKnife® uses image guidance coupled with computer controlled robotics to continuously track and correct for patient movement throughout treatment. During treatment, the CyberKnife® continuously acquires radiographic images of the patient and in real; time analyzes and compares these images to reference images to ensure patients’ correct treatment positioning. We collaborate with specialists, allowing referring physicians to remain involved in the planning and execution of the CyberKnife® treatments. HOA and the physician specialty team are committed to maintaining patient relationships throughout treatment. To date, more than tens of thousands of patients have been treated with the CyberKnife® System worldwide. Most patients experience dramatic responses in only a few treatment sessions.

HOA is the only provider of CyberKnife® services in Central New York. If you’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you should know about an alternative to daily radiation therapy with IMRT/ IGRT: It’s the CyberKnife, the most accurate stereotactic radiosurgery weapon in the world.

Here's why it's different:

  • It automatically corrects for natural body movements during treatment, and is much more precise than IMRT/IGRT;
  • Patients remain clothed during treatment, and don't need permanent tattoos;
  • Urinary and rectal side effects last just days as opposed to months; and
  • Most important, with the CyberKnife the complete course of treatment for your prostate cancer is just 5 days versus 45 days for IMRT/IGRT.

More precise, equally effective, fewer side effects...and in & out in just 5 days. Because you have better things to do! 

Comparison of Radiosurgery Delivery Systems
The CyberKnife® is a form of radiosurgery, which means that instead of a scalpel, the surgeon uses a single, high dose of radiation, which eliminates the diseased area safely and effectively. Only the tissue being treated receives a very high dose of radiation while the surrounding tissue remains unharmed. Radiosurgery is painless and bloodless and involves no risk of surgical complications such as infection, hemorrhage or leakage of cerebral spinal fluid. Although the entire procedure takes several hours, the actual treatment itself takes from15 minutes to three hours, depending on the size of the lesion(s) being treated. If multiple tumors are present or if the tumor spreads to another area, radiosurgery can be repeated. There is no risk of surgical complications such as infection, hemorrhage or leakage of cerebral spinal fluid. Other radiosurgery delivery systems exist; however, not all radiosurgery is the same.