Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a calming, meditative, nurturing, restorative, but also in some ways, a challenging yoga. Most yoga practiced in the West is Yang (or muscular) yin poses reaches deeper, to the tissue's that house the meridians, connective tissue. The slow pace and deep practice which has it's roots in Taoist tradition, is extremely valuable to increase real health, effecting the mobility of the body and encouraging life flow. Yin practice can act as a natural pain reliever, and posture corrector. This practice helps prevent degenerative dis-ease and slows down the aging process.

November 2018

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Onondaga Hill Cancer Center

For those patients who prefer to watch TV in a comfortable, home like environment, this area of the waiting room is separated and designated for such activity.  This section of the waiting area is home to a flat screen TV and Puzzle area.  The hardwood flooring and warm colors welcome patients and their caregivers to a friendly office that cares deeply about rendering the best care possible.

Onondaga Hill Cancer Center

A comfortable, non-doctor-like office welcomes patients to HOA’s Broad Road, Comprehensive Cancer Center.  The pleasurable seating options and fireplace allow patients and caregivers to relax in a peaceful and thoughtful environment.  This section of the waiting room is for those individuals who prefer to read or sit in a quieter atmosphere.  A fire warms the room on chilly days.

CT Technology for Diagnostic Testing & Radiation Planning

Our Brittonfield and Onondaga  offices house state of the art CT diagnostic imaging equipment.  Our newest CT scanner is located at our Brittonfield office.  It is a 40-slice Siemens product known as the Somatom Sensation Open.  This CT imaging meets today’s challenges by combining the advantages of a large bore with advanced multi-slice CT technology.  The 16-slice CT Siemens product located at our Onondaga hill cancer center is an outstanding CT option for diagnostic clarity and precision.  These premier CT solutions not only offer exceptional images for diagnostic purposes, they also pro

The Varian Clinac iX

Both our Brittonfield and Onondaga Hill  offices are home to the most advanced model of linear accelerator available to date.  The Varian Clinac iX is used for radiation treatments and is an integral part of our arsenal to fight cancer.  This technology, known as IGRT, is Image Guided Radiation Therapy and it provides state of the art technology for the treatment of tumors while minimizing exposure to healthy cells and tissue.

Onondaga Hill

A comfortable setting with flat screen TV, private dressing rooms and individualized “cubbies” are found in our Radiation waiting area.  Every detail was created with the needs and comfort of our patients in mind.  The commitment and passion of our employees provide the warmth needed to care for our patients and this serene environment helps to reduce stress while waiting for treatments

Onondaga Hill Comprehensive Cancer Center

Upon entering the center on Broad Road, one immediately notices the hardwood flooring, fire place, and home like atmosphere.  Serving the Western and Southern areas of Onondaga County, this full service cancer center offers a complete array of services from chemotherapy, radiation, CT, Laboratory, Social Work, Nutrition, Clinical Research and Pharmacy services.

Studios at the Wellness Center

Each studio in the Wellness Center offers plenty of room and a peaceful atmosphere for yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Tai Chi and more.  The bamboo floors, lighting fixtures, sound system, color and décor invite the participants to enjoy classes in a healing atmosphere

Massage Therapy at the Wellness Center

Our beautiful treatment rooms say, “relax” as soon as you enter.  The colors and décor were selected with peace, tranquility and balance in mind.  In addition to Massage Therapy, modalities such as Reiki, Acupuncture, Foot Reflexology, and Healing Touch are also available.  Details can be found on our website by visiting the Wellness section

The Wellness Center

The Wellness Center is a gift to employees, patients, caregivers and the community at large, given in total by the generosity of the HOA physician partners.  This beautiful, peace filled atmosphere provides a haven of opportunity for the mind, body and spirit.  Opened in June of 2008, this site is celebrated for its commitment to the community and the holistic mission of integrated healthcare and wellbeing.  Over 4,000 square feet of healing space is provided to offer a variety of services.  Check out the Wellness section and read about all the forms of healing available to the community.