Infusion Center

Infusion Centers
HOACNY has three locations that provide infusion services. You may receive treatment at any of the three locations regardless of which office you see your physician at. There are a few exceptions where you will need to be treated where your doctor is located. The hours of operation for the infusion rooms are:

BrittonfieldHematology Oncology of CNY Infusion Center BF
5008 Brittonfield Parkway
East Syracuse, NY 13057
Monday - Friday:
7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday shot clinics
11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Onondaga Hill
Community General
Hospital CampusHematology Oncology of CNY Infusion Center OH
4900 Broad Road
Syracuse, NY 13215
Monday – Friday:
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Health Central
37 West Garden Street
Suite 301
Auburn, NY 13021
Monday – Friday:
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.Hematology Oncology of CNY Infusion Center Auburn

Locations and scheduling of infusion appointments:
The scheduling of appointments in the infusion room is delicately balanced to accommodate every patient’s needs. Some patients may be traveling from a far distance and accommodations are made to allow for enough time for the traveler to receive their treatment. The length of the treatment patients receive varies from one patient to the next. Some patients receive treatment in as little as thirty minutes; other patients may receive their treatment up to eight hours. The patients with the longer time requirement will be given the early morning appointments. The treatments that require less time will be scheduled later in the day. During holiday weeks you may be scheduled in another HOA infusion center in effort to treat every patient. We would make certain that the distance to the alternate infusion center is reasonable. We will call you ahead of time to be certain you are aware of the change, and understand directions on how to get to the alternate location.

Patient safety and nursing care:
Patient safety in the infusion room, including handling of chemotherapy and biotherapy is a priority. Every nurse is assigned patients based on their acuity and needs. This is arranged daily by a charge RN to be certain that nurse to patient ratios are safe. Each infusion room is staffed with a Charge RN, and there are nursing leaders at each location. HOACNY is a QOPI certified practice. QOPI certification outlines the quality standards that the staff follow in our infusion rooms. There are many checks and balances in place to ensure that the patients are receiving the accurate treatment. The nurses always double check the medications with a second RN prior to administration. Every medical oncology RN at HOACNY is certified through the Oncology Nursing Society to administer chemotherapy and biotherapy. This certification is kept current and is a mandatory requirement for every RN in the practice. The RN’s are also trained in safe handling of these medications through the ONS course that teaches NIOSH safety standards. These standards include the attire you will see your nurse put on before he/ she administers your medications. Every RN working in medical oncology is also required to obtain their Oncology Nursing Certification (OCN) within two years of employment. This certification ensures a baseline knowledge level of oncology nursing.

Pharmacy Services
Chemotherapy is one of the main methods of treating cancer. Your chemotherapy and treatment medications are prepared by a team of pharmacists and certified pharmacy technicians who specialize in oncology. At the time of your treatment, your medication orders are reviewed for accuracy and completeness. The medications are prepared inside a biological safety cabinet located in a sterile area of the pharmacy. Even though it may take a little more time, providing a safe experience for our patients and staff is our priority.

Visitors in the infusion rooms:
Each patient is allowed to bring preferably one visitor, or two in the infusion room. For safety reasons, children under the age of 12 will not be permitted in the infusion room. We need to keep the infusion room easily accessible to patients in the event of a patient emergency. We strive to keep the infusion room as calm and comfortable as possible. Please have your ride or visitor wait with you until we know your treatment is going to happen that day. There may be a time when you might need to have a test for your port a cath prior to use, and you will need a ride to that appointment.

Preparing for your infusion appointment:
Please start drinking plenty of water the day prior to treatment, and eat a good breakfast the morning of your infusion appointment. You can anticipate being greeted in the waiting room by an infusion nurse or clinical assistant. Your vital signs will be taken and you will be asked a series of questions to make sure you’re ready to receive your infusion. You will be brought to a reclining chair in the area your nurse is working. You may have blood drawn prior to the start of your treatment.

What to expect during your treatment:
The nurse will talk to you throughout your treatment and explain each step in your therapy, also what you may experience. You are able to get up and walkaround with your IV pole during your therapy. We have beverages and snacks available. We also have a refrigerator and microwave if you are here for a time frame in which you would like to bring a snack or lunch. You can bring electronic devices, and there is a television in most patient infusion spaces. We provide warm blankets and pillows. We want you to be as comfortable as
possible, so please let us know ahead of time what accommodations you may require. Please make certain you leave with your next appointment in place, and if you have no future appointments arranged, please let your nurse know and he/she will help you with your future schedule.