David A. Churchill, M.D.

David A. Churchill, M.D.
Board-certified in Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology, and Hematology
Specialty Training: 
SUNY Health Science Center
Medical School: 
University of Oklahoma

I originally went to college to be an architect. I enjoyed the creative aspect of that profession but I changed to medicine, then Hematology-Oncology, because of my dad who suffered from Hodgkin's Disease, a type of lymphoma. He received effective chemotherapy shortly after it was first described in 1969. The field of chemotherapeutics for cancer has continued to evolve dramatically since then.

I find what I do to be challenging and rewarding.  The science is always moving and we are always doing something new.  I appreciate that this is a important field and that our patients have illnesses that require unique care.  At HOA our staff is well equipped to deal with the special challenges of that care.  Our nurses, clerical staff, and support specialists are more mature, more experience and polished than you will find in most practices.  Without them, I couldn't do my job.

I recharge my batteries with my family near Skaneateles, where we live.  I grow more than 200 varieties of orchids in our greenhouse.  We also have two English Setters and I enjoy kayaking, skiing, hunting, golf and gardening.

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